Our Mission

A Commitment to Confidence and Conviction

For our founder and principal, Mark Thomas, the calling to become an advisor was inspired by his greatest role models, his parents. A hygienist and a dentist by trade, his mother and father poured their heart and soul into establishing a loving home for their children and a caring environment for their patients. Somewhere along the way, however, they made a few well-intentioned financial decisions which would later affect their retirement. As the impact of these choices came to light, Mark developed a desire to help other families avoid similar circumstances by preserving and protecting their hard-earned prosperity.

Today, Capstone Wealth Management is proud to walk side by side with individuals like you, sharing the challenges and joys of each journey.

We understand the advice we provide has the power to touch every part of your life, thus we’ve adopted a wealth management philosophy which focuses on three separate, yet equally important, areas: investment consulting, advanced planning, and client relationships. The meaningful interactions we have with you give us insight into your values and beliefs about money and beyond, eventually becoming the cornerstone of a holistic plan that encompasses who you are and what you’d like to accomplish in the future.

Our guiding mission is a two-fold commitment to our clients. First, we hope to increase your confidence by fostering sound decisions and presenting realistic strategies for achieving your goals. Second, we strive to supply you with the conviction you need to make significant strides, personally and financially, ensuring the wealth you create reflects your principles and lasts throughout your years. The most fulfilling role we play is in defending your lifestyle and securing your family’s legacy.