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Introduction Capstone Wealth Management A warm welcome and a brief overview of Capstone Wealth Management from Principal, Mark Thomas
Welcome To Capstone Wealth Management A warm welcome and a brief overview of Capstone Wealth Management from Principal, Mark Thomas
What I Enjoy Most Mark shares anecdotal stories that illustrate a client base that believes in family, long term investing goals and who understand that portfolio success does not depend on a single factor.
A Personal Story Mark takes you on short journey of how events in his life have shaped him and contributed to the success of Capstone Wealth Management.
We Believe in Thinking Differently Example of how Capstone works with clients to meet individual objectives by working with client, their accountant, attorneys to achieve stable income through retirement.
Everything We Do Partnership, Clarity and Insight are building blocks for a lasting relationship that is based on transparency. Capstone challenges the status quo.
Who Are Capstone Clients Capstone clients tend to be cautious investors who have lived within their means and are committed to preserving their wealth to meet their objectives.
Behave Like an Institutional Investor What differentiates the “Big Dogs” from the “Little Dogs” in the investment world? Mark Thomas from Capstone Wealth Management talks more about what he’s learned over his career that could help you.
Case Study: Retired Physician Mark takes you through a 10-year process of working with an investor who enjoyed managing his own portfolio and over time worked with Capstone more and more.
Our Process A brief introduction of how Capstone Wealth Management approaches partnerships. We start by helping clients clarify their desires — the “why”.
Buckets of Wealth Analogy Mark uses “Buckets of Wealth” to illustrate a simplified version of Capstone’s investing philosophy.
The Cash Flow Model Capstone builds a blueprint of your finances and uses it to make minor adjustments on a regular basis over the long term to prevent surprises and rash decisions. We refer to it as The Cash Flow model.
The Capstone Family Legacy Book Learn about just one way Capstone alleviates a common headache for families and how, by working together, we can simplify your life.
Investor Behavior Is Important Follow along as Mark describes how specific investor behaviors and choices affect our portfolio both negatively and positively and share four principles of success financial management.
Passive Vs. Active Mark touches briefly on the debate in the industry between active and passive investment management practices.
Investment Costs Matter Sometimes the personal investor can be blind the high costs of investing and how it can negatively errode the value of a portfolio over time.
Time Weighted Return The Time Weighted Return explains why Capstone believes reviewing a portfolio’s return is integral to portfolio success.
The Results Driven Investor Mark explains the difference between investing that is based guessing and speculating and investing that is based on sound acedemic research, and the balance of risk through diversification.
The Philosophy of Using Fixed Investments While bonds, money market funds and bond funds are not risk free, these fixed investments can help insulate a portfolio against market volatility. Mark explains with a concise example.