Advisor to Advisor

Measuring Success by the Size of the Problems You Solve

Prior to founding our firm, Mark Thomas spent twelve years in the insurance industry. While employed in this capacity, he developed an appreciation for the careful coordination of skilled professionals. He found the multiple disciplines involved in financial planning – attorneys, insurers, accountants, and advisors – could accomplish much more operating as one than they ever could alone.

Realizing the benefits of teamwork, Capstone supplies insurance acquisition and management of insurance assets to advisors of high-net-worth and ultra-affluent individuals and families. A licensed specialist, Mark is adept at:

  • Evaluating existing disability and life insurance policies
  • Negotiating, acquiring, and managing insurance portfolios, and
  • Assisting CPAs and attorneys in constructing tax-sensitive estate plans

Additionally, we offer access to both traditional and TIAA life insurance products. Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA) gives clients a tax-favored vehicle for growing wealth. Residing under the umbrella of a particular type of life insurance policy that does not pay commission to an agent, these policies have the advantage of withdrawals without surrender charges.