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Discovery Process

We begin our partnership with a structured conversation and analysis session focusing on the two aspects of an individual: the facets of life and your financial implications.

The Facets of Life include your values and vision, your family and friends, your goals and aspirations, your health and your lifestyle.
Your Financial Implications include your balance sheet, your income desires, your tolerance for risk, your philanthropic interests and your legacy desires.

At the initial discovery meeting, individuals will be provided an outline of the wealth management process and will leave knowing what each step in the process is and why it is important to the final goal.

A phone conversation prior to the Discovery Meeting will outline appropriate financial, tax and legal documents that may be beneficial to bring to the initial consultation.

A Capstone Wealth Management Informational Video: Our Process

Wealth Management Process

Wealth Management Process

Delivered through the discipline of a Discovery Process, we look at where you want to go and how you can get there. We also identify potential challenges and pitfalls.

We present a picture of your current situation and make recommendations for achieving your financial goals through portfolio management. For retirees, a plan for income creation is established.

After review & consensus, we are ready to commit to a partnership and execute the documents necessary to put your plan into action. We help organize paperwork you may be receiving by providing a custom binder and answer questions that come up as you become more familiar with your financial plan.

We’ll schedule meetings at intervals that are convenient to you. We’ll review changes, progress and re-evaluate goals that may change as time goes by. We are accountable to you by providing individual and consolidated account time-weighted rate of return reporting during the progress meetings.

A Capstone Wealth Management Informational Video: Buckets of Wealth

Insurance Assessment

Wealth management strategy often includes risk management through the use of insurance products. Because insurance and financial planning can overlap, Capstone also offers the following insurance consultive services:

Life Insurance Policy Assessment
As a licensed life insurance consultant, we are qualified to provide independent policy assessment without the normal sales pressures for clients who already hold policies and want to be certain they are adequately covered to meet their needs. We also provide assessment and solutions for discontinuing policies that are no longer necessary.

Life Insurance Placement
For clients with the need for financial liquidity through life insurance, we can help select and price the policy that best suits your financial goals. Capstone can also assist with underwriting, risk and policy premium negotiations as either a fee for service consultant or as an agent, compensated through commissions.

As a life insurance consultant for our clients who are accredited investors, we are able to offer private placement variable universal life insurance. This product is not available in all states. Private Placement has no surrender charge because there are zero commissions in the policy. The minimum aggregate premium is $500,000. The policy costs are 100% transparent. The design objective for private placement life insurance is to provide a tax efficient vehicle for a portfolio of investments and minimize insurance related costs – maximizing investment dollars. Also available in some states of issue of private placement variable universal life insurance is substantial protection of cash value and death benefit from litigious creditors.

For our clients, and their tax and legal advisors, it becomes a question of math. Is the transparent cost of insurance with no surrender charges less than the cost of tax on the investments in the portfolio?