Professional Investment Management

A Capstone Wealth Management Informational Video: Our Process

Capstone Offers Professional Investment Management:

Fee-only investment advice. As a Registered Investment Advisor obligated to a fiduciary standard to put your interests first.

As a client you receive a Customized Investment Policy Statement that includes:
  • Observation of your risk tolerance and return objectives.
  • Analysis of current portfolio recommendation of improving portfolio objectives.
  • Current portfolio cost disclosure.
  • Steps toward implementation of the recommended portfolio.

Capstone does not take custody of your assets. You retain control of your investment portfolio.

You receive as a Capstone client:
  • Transparency
  • Disciplined Asset Allocation
  • Risk and return management through diversification
  • Integrated investment advice regardless where other investments are custodied.
  • Investment cost management
  • Third party performance reporting provided by MorningStar
  • Regularly scheduled progress consultations
  • Portfolio tax management through collaboration with your tax advisor

Capstone clients have chosen to avoid the traditional model where Wall Street firms pay stockbrokers to sell products for investment advice.

The Capstone professional investment management service provides the greatest value to:
  • Clients with investment assets greater than $600,000
  • Clients who share our investment philosophy
  • Clients that choose to delegate the responsibilities of research and a willingness to work with an experienced professional in a transparent consultive relationship built on trust.
A Capstone Wealth Management Informational Video: Passive vs. Active Mutual Fund Management
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