Why Capstone

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Our Clients choose Capstone as their planning partner.

At Capstone Wealth Management, we serve financially established families and business owners to preserve their wealth, manage their income security and their legacy vision for the generation to follow. We achieve that through a combination of partnership, clarity and insight — each step working uniquely together to advance the process.

We deliver economic and financial value to our partnerships.

The value of Capstone Wealth Management is its commitment to serve each client individually and is measured in the confidence and composure that comes by forming long and lasting, productive partnerships. Capstone’s economic value to the families we serve is far greater than our fee earned as an independent financial advisor. We work solely to the unique interest of each client.


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Partnerships are established on trust. Ours are built on the confidence that comes from sound solutions. We consider our clients our partners. Over time, there are many different types of partnerships that are established.

Client Partnerships

We guide clients through the many stages of life and help you face life’s transitional security and financial questions. Is your legacy sound? Will your money last through retirement? How do you create a stable income and preserve your nest egg through retirement? Will your children or grandchildren have enough for college?

By going through this process as partners we are able to lend our experience while making sure we understand your goals and dreams so you can sleep soundly at night. We are fiercely independent, employed by our clients to partner with them for their success.

Team Partnerships

We often work with clients who have existing relationships with personal accountants and lawyers. We recognize the complexities of these relationships and work together as a team to determine the best financial strategy for you across the board. Our clients enjoy the confidence of a highly motivated group of experts working together, coordinating their tax, legal and financial picture.

When approved by our clients, we will discuss client situations with our consulting CPA, Mac Stevens, who then offers tax planning suggestions and considerations. We recognize the time demands on our clients’ lawyers and accountants and are respectful of their relationships. While we do not provide tax advice, we strive to offer practical, useful suggestions to our clients and their tax counsel for their review and, if appropriate, implementation. Importantly, any tax planning ideas we offer are always provided to our clients’ tax counsel who are solely responsible for advising on tax matters.

Professional Partnerships

Our 25 years of experience brings with it a national network of professional partnerships. By partnering with centers of academic research and educational resources, we are able to offer solutions based on emperical research that directly benefit financially established families.


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Clarity comes through something we call the Wealth Management Process. Clients determine the life they want and the life they don’t want. We quantify the cost of each path. By exploring this road and the choices they face, clients are better able to clarify their financial and legacy goals.

Financially established people often have multiple sources of income as they transition into retirement. These sources of income may include: business income, cash from the sale of a business or real estate, IRA distributions, pension distribution, rental income, royalties, and Social Security. Our consultive solutions seek the most efficient staged income process that integrates asset risk, income security and tax efficiency.

The Wealth Management Process is a series of steps that we work through with clients to establish our partnership, determine goals, create and execute a plan and monitor its progress. Clients often learn a lot about themselves during the Discovery phase. It is during Discovery that clarity begins.

Stages of life and changes in circumstances can and often do affect plans, and are accounted for in regular progress meetings. Our experience with both financial markets and previous client partnerships allow us to map potential roadblocks to your goals. We help you to avoid those pitfalls with solutions that have helped others. Capstone solutions are established through our disciplined consultive process and not through a product sales approach that many have previously experienced.


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Capstone’s expertise and experience give us unique insight on how to deal with challenges. Experience has put us in front of many clients in transitioning situations. This has allowed us to see what works and what doesn’t, over many years. As a result, we are better able to help you understand the issues you face. Clients also benefit from insight when choosing an advisor – and that means understanding the difference between a broker and a fiduciary:

Definition of Fiduciary:

Acting as a Registered Investment Advisor, I will adhere to a number of obligations that flow from an advisor’s fiduciary duties. The duties include, but are not limited to:

  1. A duty to have a reasonable, independent basis for any investment and insurance advice provided
  2. A duty to obtain best execution for clients’ financial transactions where the adviser is in a position to direct those transactions
  3. A duty to ensure that investment and risk management advice is suitable to the client’s objectives, needs and circumstances.
  4. A duty to be loyal to clients.

In other words, as a Fiduciary, Capstone is bound by law to act in the best interests of our clients. Compare that to employees of national brokerage firms or insurance agents who are referred to as stock brokers, wealth managers and financial advisors: these professionals are not fiduciaries. The obligation of financial advisors who are employees of financial firms are only obligated to meet suitable standards and not the standards of a fiduciary.